Campaigners aim to put stop to three hundred homes on beauty spot on outskirts of Bath

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Campaigners say plans for three hundred homes will ruin a popular beauty spot on the outskirts of Bath.

The South of Bath Association (SOBA) wants to put a stop to the development at the Sulis Down site, where 170 homes have already been built.

Jane Fox from the association said "They would like to take out seventy-plus trees, they would like to put a road through to join the busy A367, which is already at a standstill in the morning and evening and there's been very little thought for the wildlife.

"It's an absolutely beautiful spot, lots of people come walking here. Children enjoy it, it's the nearest green space for lots of local schools.

"What we're saying is we don't think this is a good area to build further housing."

Colin Webb is the chairman of SOBA. He wants the space to be enjoyed for generations to come.

He said "We are just the ordinary folk who are trying to do their best to resist this.

"I think it's a generational thing as well. At my age, I'd like to think of my children and grandchildren having access to this wonderful landscape in future years."

The first phase of the development, featuring 170 homes, is already well underway

Some object to the plans because they say there is not enough in the area to support those who would eventually live in the homes.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Matt McCabe from Bath and North East Somerset Council is among those who believe the plans are not right for the city.

He said "We need housing where the local infrastructure can take it.

"So those sites are few and far between and they're nurtured carefully, and that investment goes into the local infrastructure.

"The local infrastructure up here is not getting any investment."

In a statement, landowners The Hignett Family Trust said "The Hignett Family Trust is pleased to be working with B&NES and other stakeholders to bring forward the remainder of the land allocated for housing at Sulis Down in the adopted Local Plan.

"We remain committed to completing the delivery of a sensitively designed and wonderful community, which we are pleased to see is already being progressed within Phase 1 of the Countryside Homes area.

"New Affordable Homes were prioritised for early completion and residents there have been delighted to move in."

A public consultation on the next phase of the development will run until 4 February.