Councillors welcome plans to pedestrianise busy Bristol shopping street

Credit: Google Images

Councillors in Bristol have welcomed plans to pedestrianise a busy shopping street linking Gloucester Road and St Andrew’s Park. 

Bristol City Council has set aside £200,000 to close Overton Road, freeing up space for businesses, pedestrians and cyclists. 

Labour Councillor Amirah Cole, said: “I hope that by freeing up space for them to apply to install outdoor seating, we will give them a much-needed boost.

"Closing the road to motor traffic will also make it a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists, encouraging people from St Andrew’s to travel to Gloucester Road and further afield via active travel.”

The council will consult the public on the changes before roadworks take place, but says similar moves on Cotham Hill and Princess Victoria Street in Clifton have been 'successful.'

Green Coun Tim Wye, said: “I am really pleased that the closure of Overton Road looks like it will be going ahead.

"It’s something that Green councillors in Ashley have been requesting for some time.

"While it is a relatively small change, I think the pedestrianisation will make a significant improvement to walking and cycling and help free up space for local businesses."

The council hopes that Closing Overton Road to cars could eventually lead to other similar ideas in the surrounding area, including installing a contraflow bike lane up North Road.

Councillor Tim Wye added that requests for pedestrianisation had been 'underway for a long while.'

Credit: Alex Seabrook, LDRS