Keyham inquest: Gunman's GP not asked for specific information over shotgun application

Jake Davison appearing in one of his online videos.

A doctor who treated a man who shot and killed five people in Plymouth was not asked for specific medical information by police who approved his gun licence.

An inquest in Exeter has heard that Jake Davison, 22, declared he had conditions including autism and ADHD when applying for a shotgun certificate in July 2017.Davison's GP received a template letter from Devon and Cornwall Police asking if he had 'any concerns' about his patient being issued with a licence.

The letter, which was shown to jurors on Monday 23 January, said: "If you have not responded after 21 days, it will be assumed you have no relevant information and your patient's application will proceed to grant."

The Weatherby pump action shotgun used by Jake Davison to kill four people and then himself above his 12-gauge gun Credit: PA

The doctor was asked by police to "place a firearms code" on Davison's record, and "contact police immediately if the patient begins to suffer from a relevant medical condition."

In reply, the doctor declined to provide information, saying, "It seeks an opinion on matters falling outside my medical expertise."

The court heard police should have sent a second letter, asking the doctor for specific information about Davison's medical record, but this was never sent.

Jake Davison shot and killed four people, including a child, with a pump action shotgun in Keyham in August 2021.

Davison went on to carry out one of the worst mass shootings in the UK in history, in Keyham in Plymouth in August 2021.

Bridget Dolan, counsel to the inquest, asked Michelle Moore, former head of firearms licensing: 'This is obviously not safe, is it?'

Mrs Moore replied: 'No'.

The inquest continues.