How expert climbers are tackling fly-tipping along the Cornish coastline

240123 Fly tipping Cornwall Greg Martin/BPM Media
The cliffs near Pendeen lighthouse have been marred by fly-tipping Credit: Greg Martin/BPM Media

A group of litter-pickers have abseiled down a cliff edge in Cornwall to clear rubbish thrown over the edge.

Although the track is private, it is possible to drive a vehicle to the edge, making it an easy spot for someone to throw rubbish over.

After being alerted to the fly-tipping near Pendeen lighthouse, volunteers from the Carbis Bay Crew gathered their ropes and assembled at the cliff edge - named Liberty Zawn.

The group of expert climbers usually explore Cornish mines and are often rescuing dogs, horses and humans.

Ben was the first climber to abseil down the cliff and check out how much rubbish had been thrown over Credit: BPM Media

Several years ago, the volunteers retrieved rubbish from Liberty Zawn but returned on Saturday (21 January).

On arrival, they found part of the fence was broken and they peered over the 200ft drop.

One by one they abseiled down the cliff face with sacks at the ready and found tiles, plasterboard and lots of glass.

Tiles, plasterboard and glass were found in the rubble Credit: BPM Media

The rubbish, which included building material, had been thrown down the cliff and items had even landed on the inaccessible cove below.

But thanks to the volunteers hard work, the picturesque spot has now been returned to its natural beauty.