Truro City Football Club release plans for new stadium in Cornwall

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Plans are underway to try to get Truro City Football Club a ground back in Cornwall after leaving their Treyew Road site two seasons ago.

Alex Black, a consultant for Truro City Football Club says they’ve been without a proper home since 2019.

He said: "We’ve been playing at Plymouth Parkway who’ve been very nice hosts but it’s not our home - it’s not even in the right county - it’s a long distance for fans and others to travel.

Alex Black is hopeful these plans will get the go ahead from Cornwall Council Credit: ITV West Country News

"Whilst it might not be the big, shiny stadium for Cornwall that we’d all hoped for, we’ve tried to cut our cloth accordingly - it’ll still be an important part of society."

The new plans include a main pitch and an artificial community pitch which Alex says is desperately needed in Truro.

The scaled down plans for the Langarth site are nothing like the 10,000-seater stadium for Cornwall once dreamed of, instead a 3,000-capacity sports ground is planned with a possibility to extend in the future.

Rebecca Thomas, Chief Executive at the Cornish Pirates, says more support is needed for sport in Cornwall if teams are to progress Credit: ITV West Country News

The Chief Executive of the Cornish Pirates, Rebecca Thomas, says the Stadium for Cornwall came up against a lot of stumbling blocks.

She said: "It has always felt like we’ve lacked that support for sport in Cornwall, which is really disappointing especially when it’s such a huge part of our lives.

"The main priority is now delivering a facility, getting Truro FC back and getting to a position where we can relocate as Cornish Pirates as well."

Plans show what the new facility would look like Credit: Truro City

Both Truro City FC and the Cornish Pirates are owned by the same holding company.

The Langarth site will be Truro City’s home ground and possibly the Pirates too if funding can be found to strengthen the planned grass pitch so it is suitable for both rugby and football.

Alex Black said: "It looks most likely that it’ll just be football going in there at the start.

Plan shows what Truro City FC's new home may look like Credit: Truro City

"You need a much more robust pitch for rugby than we can currently afford.

"I know that the Pirates are working hard to get those funds together and if those funds do get together before it's completed then we’ll be able to do that."

In the coming days Alex says the plans will be submitted to Cornwall Council

He and those behind the venture hope it’ll be built on and ready for matches by the summer of 2024.