Dead dog found in Gloucestershire layby with chain around neck could have been strangled

The dog was found on Christmas Eve Credit: RSPCA

Warning: Distressing image of a dead dog below.

A dead dog has been found with a chain wrapped around its neck in a Gloucestershire layby.

The distressing discovery was made by a member of the public on Christmas Eve near Leigh off the A38 Tewkesbury Road.

The RSPCA says the dog might have been strangled because of how tightly the chain was wrapped around the dog's body and neck.

The dog, a brown bull breed, was not microchipped so the RSPCA has been unable to trace an owner.

Dead dog found in Gloucestershire Credit: RSPCA

The charity is appealing for information.

RSPCA Inspector Richard Carr said: “He was found with the chain very tight around his neck, possibly strangled, so we’re encouraging anyone with information to call the inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”