Tributes paid to beloved Wiltshire Police dog Rex after sudden death

250123 Rex police dog Wiltshire Police
Rex retired in 2019 after working for 6 years with Wiltshire Police Credit: Wiltshire Police

Tributes have been paid to a beloved Wiltshire Police dog who has died aged 10.

Rex served with his handler, former PC Bob Laurie, for six years and retired in late 2019.

But last week, the German Shepherd fell seriously ill overnight and passed away on 21 January.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police said: “Today we are paying tribute to retired police dog Rex who sadly passed away at the weekend after falling seriously ill overnight at the age of 10."

Over the years, Rex was involved a number of operations - from catching burglars to keeping traffic safe simply by using his loud bark.

He was even praised during his final year on the job for finding an offender who had hidden in a riverbank after a car chase.

The spokesperson added: "Bob and Rex attended a commercial premises in Swindon where an alarm had activated.

"They checked around the outside of the building and Rex showed great interest in one area but no insecurity was found.

"Once in the building, a search revealed a roughly patch hole in an inner wall, where after removing the loose concrete blocks two suspects were located and arrested for burglary.

"The inner hiding place was directly behind the area Rex had indicated from the outside.

"Another was when an off duty superintendent had called in regarding possible illegal immigrants jumping from a lorry trailer in Royal Wootton Bassett.

"While awaiting additional units, Rex was used to contain the large wooded area and office complex where the persons had been seen.

"After other officers arrived Rex was deployed to search resulting in eight persons being detained on suspicion of illegal entry to the UK.

"One unusual task Rex performed was to assist a traffic colleague by utilising his very loud bark on command to deter deer from wandering onto the motorway following several incidents involving them straying into live lanes overnight," the spokesperson added.