Flights diverted and passengers stuck on planes after Bristol Airport runway lights fail

The lights failed at 8.30pm last night (25 January)

Flights have resumed this morning at Bristol Airport after a technical problem meant planes had to be diverted last night.

The runway lights failed which meant planes could not land or take off.

They failed at 8.30pm last night (25 January) with engineers using a short term fix to get them back on just before 10pm.

The airport said that their technicians worked through the night to ensure that the fault was fully repaired.

While the lights were out, some flights were diverted to Birmingham, others to Cardiff, while some were forced to circle overhead until they could land.

Passengers were vocal on social media.

Mel Penberthy tweeted: "We've just got back home 8 hours later than expected, our flight diverted to Birmingham."

Adding: "@BristolAirport sorry might give you a miss next holiday."