Meet the parkrun legend who's still hitting PBs in South Gloucestershire at 84-years-old

  • Ross Arnott's went along to meet Avis at parkrun

An 84-year-old woman who only started running in her late 70's is encouraging others to get out and exercise.

Avis Noott regularly completes parkrun events right across the country despite her more senior years.

What is more incredible is the fact that she only started running as a way of keeping fit in her late 70s, until then she kept herself in shape canoeing.

"I do love running now," she said.

"I was looking for something else because I was not enjoying getting in the cold water as much.

Avis sprinting to the finish at Chipping Sodbury parkrun. Credit: ITV News

"I absolutely love getting out in the morning, I don't enjoy the getting up but I really love it once I am up and the parkrun is brilliant.

"It is the social aspect of it as well, I mean you can't chat too much during the run because usually you are too puffed but it is a nice feeling whenever you go to an event."

Whilst her home parkrun is the route in Chipping Sodbury she has taken part in more than 20 different events across the UK.

Avis usually completes the route near the Ridings Playing Fields in the South Gloucestershire town in a speedy time of around 40 minutes.

In fact her times are so impressive that she has been touted as one of the fastest 84-year-olds in the world over a 5km distance.

More than 300 runners regularly attend Chipping Sodbury parkrun. Credit: ITV News

We attended the event to see her run and she was able to record one of her fastest times on the course for a number of years, a speedy 38 minutes and 45 seconds.

"It is not a bad time that, is it," she said afterwards.

"It is these new shoes, they have spring and bounce in them.

"My message to everyone is just get up and do some exercise, you won't ever feel like you want to but once you have the rest of the day is a whole other world.

"I am going home to redecorate my room now, which I wouldn't have done if I had stayed in bed."

Parkrun is an event that started in the UK in 2004. It is free and lets runner take part in a 5km route at a number of locations.

They take place at 9am on a Saturday morning and have become hugely popular across the world.

There are now more than 2000 in 22 different countries across six continents.