Cornwall pensioner says her anxiety is 'through the roof' as energy and food bills continue to rise

Mary says her anxiety has worsened over the past year. Credit: ITV News
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A pensioner from Cornwall says the cost of living crisis has sent her anxiety 'through the roof' - and the county's largest mental health charity fears many more people are developing depression because of the cost of living crisis.

Mary Troubridge told ITV West Country she worries constantly about gas, electric and food bills.

"A couple of years ago I wasn't so bad, but now my anxiety is through the roof," she said.

"Every day I get up worried about what is going to come through the door, who is going to phone, paying the bills, making sure I've got enough money to live."

Mary and her friend Pauline attended a 'time to talk' event in St Austell. Credit: ITV News

Mary feels that Government contributions towards energy bills do not go far enough.

"Everyone is saying 'We're going to help the pensioners, we're going to help everyone.' But no one sees the help coming through."

On Thursday St Austell Food Bank joined forces with Cornwall Mind to encourage people to talk about how the cost of living crisis is impacting them.

Jo Boulton, from Cornwall Mind, says everybody is going through a 'really worrying time'. Credit: ITV News

Jo Boulton, from Cornwall Mind, said: "It's such a worrying time and that constant stress can cause anxiety and depression.

"We are seeing people who have never had a mental health problem before, but everything they are facing at the moment is causing them to develop a mental health condition."

In January last year, St Austell food bank gave out 107 emergency food parcels. This January, that number rose to 272.

Food bank manager Andy says the service gave out 272 emergency food parcels in January. Credit: ITV News

Manager Andy Payne said: "If you're struggling financially, that is going to take you into a place you don't want to be. It's a cycle.

"Some people say 'We don't want food anymore, you're just so nice and friendly, I just want a chat.' We give them tea, coffee and biscuits and a warm space where they can be listened to."

If you need support, contact Cornwall Mind.