No 'swanning' around - bird ends up in back of Plymouth police car

The swan was not 'under a-nest' - it was in the police car for its own good. Credit: Plymouth Police - D Section Response/Twitter

A swan that was causing chaos at Plymouth harbour had to be rescued and put in the back of a police car.

The bird was spotted waddling around the area, where it was reportedly removed by a drunk man yesterday (1 February).

Officers from Devon and Cornwall Police on Twitter said the swan was then involved in a collision on Mutley Plain.

After this, officers placed it in the back of the car.

In their social media post, they referenced the comedy film Hot Fuzz, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and based in the West Country, where two police officers are terrorised by a rogue swan.

Contact Officer Mel Rooks who took the call for the incident stated one of the comments on the police log was "just passed someone stroking a swan", adding it was her "comment of the day".

Officers say the swan was safely transported to a local veterinary centre to be cared for.

They added that it took "great skill and determination" to safely capture it and place it in the back of the police car.