Duchess of Cornwall bumps into her old history teacher during royal visit to the Duchy

Her Royal Highness broke protocol to embrace her old teacher. Credit: Olivier Vergnault

During a royal visit to Falmouth, The Duchess of Cornwall was surprised to bump into her old history teacher after recognising him in the crowds.The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall were welcomed by people from around the Duchy during their first joint official visit since taking on their new roles.

The royal couple were in Falmouth yesterday afternoon (9 February), where they spent time learning about the county's maritime heritage at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall (NMMC) on the town's Discovery Quay.

William and Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales, visited the museum’s workshop where they watched students from a local school taking part in a model boat race.During the visit to the NMMC Kate recognised one of the volunteers as her former history teacher, Jim Embury.

Her Royal Highness instantly recognised him, breaking protocol to embrace him and reminisce.

She told him: "The things you taught me, I now teach to my children."

Jim Embury taught the Duchess of Cornwall history almost 25 years ago. Credit: Olivier Vergnault

Jim, who taught the Duchess of Cornwall at her prep school almost 25 years ago, said he was thrilled to have see his former pupil.

He said: "She was a fantastic student and it was a great class.”