Bleed kit installed in memory of teenager stabbed in Bristol

Dontae Davis was just 18 when he was killed by a rival gang member in October 2021

A bleed kit has been installed in Bristol in memory of a teenager who was stabbed to death in the city.

Dontae Davis was just 18 when he was killed by a rival gang member in October 2021.

The specialist first aid kit contains equipment to help stem bleeding.

150 are to be fitted across Bristol and the wider South West.

The kit was fundraised by Leanne Reynolds who has been campaigning to get them installed in Bristol for several years. 

She had previously worked with Mr Davis at the City of Bristol College.

Dontae Davis was just 18 when he was stabbed to death.

Ms Reynolds said: “It’s mixed emotions. It’s there for a purpose but I wish we didn’t have to do it. If it is used it will hopefully save a life.

“It’s beyond belief really. Your child walks out the door and doesn’t come home.

"I could not wish it on no one. I just don’t know how people get through each day.

"It’s very difficult when you say goodbye to your child in the morning and they don’t return.”

Dontae Davis suffered a fatal stab wound in October 2021 after he was challenged to a fight by a rival gang member. Both teenagers were carrying knives.

At the time Mr Davis had been attending the boxing gym Empire Fighting Chance.

Coach Courtney Young remembers a teenager trying to turn his life around.

Mr Young said: “He had that consistency of working with us each week so he found a second family with us.

"I really miss having him around. We built up a really strong relationship.”

Avon and Somerset Police is now supporting Ms Reynold’s campaign.

They say they have seen a reduction in street based knife crime of 22% in 2022 compared to 2021. But in the same time period there has been an increase in the number of possession offences.

However youth worker Omari Cato believes more intervention work is needed.

Mr Cato said:  “There’s been so many cuts to the youth services.

"There are no positive spaces for kids to go to build their dreams. So when they’re bored they’re left vulnerable to be groomed. This is a breakdown in our society.”

It's hoped the kits will not be needed, but they may help to make the difference between life and death.