Beautiful scenes at Wheddon Cross on Exmoor as snowdrops in bloom

  • See the snowdrops on Exmoor

Snowdrops are in bloom across the West Country.

One of the best places to spot the delicate plants is 'Snowdrop Valley' near Wheddon Cross on Exmoor.

Clumps of the small flowers have blossomed across the grounds.

The plants, with drooping white petals, are a welcome sight.

People from across the region are travelling to Exmoor to see the snowdrops for themselves.

Jim Wizner is one of the volunteers who helps to care for the flowers. He says these plants have been around for hundreds of years.

He said: “They say they were planted by the monks in the 1300s, so they have been here for a very long time.

The beautiful flowers will still be in bloom for people to see until the end of the month Credit: ITV News

“It’s stunning every year, they are harbingers of Spring. It’s great to see them, it lifts your heart a bit."

He is just one of around half a dozen people who give up their free time to maintain the area.

Jim said: "We clear it out, you can see a fair bit of work has been done. Without them (the volunteers), it wouldn’t happen."

When asked about how long people had left to go and enjoy the beautiful blankets of snowdrops, Jim said they'll still be in bloom till the end of the month.

"There's still plenty of time and they're still improving", he said.