Car erupts in flames in Bodmin Asda car park

  • Watch the footage filmed by Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service

Firefighters have tackled a car blaze which erupted at in supermarket car park in Cornwall.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service were called to the Asda on Launceston Road in Bodmin at around 5pm on 14 February.

The images show a car engulfed in flames that started to spread to other cars parked either side of it.

Despite the alarming nature of the incident, eyewitnesses said there was 'not much panic' Credit: Jodie Thompson

Despite the alarming nature of the incident, eyewitnesses reported there was "not much panic" with most people wondering who the car belonged to.

An eyewitness at the scene called Amy said: "There wasn't much panic actually, most people just filming it wondering who's car it was because no one seemed to come out claiming it was their's.

"A lot of staff running around in store though, constantly asking who's it was," Amy added.

Fortunately, Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service firefighters were able to tackle to flames but the amount of damage caused is not yet known.