Bristol pub orders children to stay seated after 'number of injuries'

The announcement has been put on a board outside the pub Credit: BPM Media

A popular pub in south Bristol has told parents children have to remain seated after three incidents in which children were injured.

The Victoria Park pub in Windmill Hill said they had to bring in the new policy after a health and safety evaluation.

It follows a number of incidents where children, who were not sitting at their tables, were left with minor injuries.

The pub has put an announcement board outside the venue.

It reads: “We politely ask that children remain seated. After a recent health and safety evaluation, we have made the decision to change our policy asking that children remain seated with their parent/guardians for the duration of their visit.

“We value our young guests immensely and love when they come to visit us but after a small number of children have received minor injuries, we have made this decision to protect our younger guests from harm, as is our duty of care obligated by law.

The statement outside the pub in full Credit: BPM Media

"Thank you for your understanding."

The pub is one of almost 5,000 across Britain that are owned or operated by the Stonegate Pub Company.

On the company’s website the ‘Family Policy’ now reads: “We love hosting our younger guests here at the Vic Park however in light of a recent health and safety evaluation, we kindly ask that children remain seated for the duration of their visit."

There has been a mixed reaction to the new policy. One regular, who declined to be named, said: “It’s about time, to be honest.

“It’s great that kids come to pubs now, but too often, especially on a Sunday afternoon, they are running around the place.

"With the staff carrying big plates of hot food or trays of drinks, or people watching the rugby, it’s not a great combination. I wish more places said this out loud too."

But one mum who is a local resident and frequent visitor to the pub said the message felt unwelcoming, particularly for parents of children with special needs.

She said: “Mine have never run around, but it definitely feels unwelcoming and over the top in terms of safety.

"Every other local that allows kids in doesn’t feel the need to write this.

“Unless they have superglue on their chairs - good luck policing it, and I’d imagine a drop in local families with young kids using the pub as it just feels like they really don’t want kids in.

“I guess we will see a sea of iPads in there, with parents trying to keep kids on chairs - it’s just a lot of pressure for parents with young kids, and creates an unwelcoming vibe."

A spokesperson for The Victoria Park, said: “We want our guests, of all ages, to enjoy their visit to us. In order to keep everyone safe, we are asking children to remain seated where possible during their visit and enjoy their time with friends and family at the table.”

It is not the first time a South Bristol pub has asked for children to be a bit more contained and controlled by the parents.

Back in 2019, the Hen and Chicken on North Street in Bedminster banned children under 10 after 6pm and drafted a set of behaviour rules for parents and children.