Actor Kris Marshall talks about his love of the West Country as his new play opens in Bath

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Actor Kris Marshall has spoken of his love of the West Country as his new play opens in his home city Bath.

The actor, who has appeared in television hits including My Family, Death in Paradise, and ITV’s Sanditon, has returned to his North East Somerset to star in a play called Charlotte and Theodore at the Ustinov Studio.

"The play is a comedy," said Kris.

"We follow a couple over ten years, we follow their competing ambitions and how that impacts over the ten years in their marriage.

"There are just two actors - myself and co-star Eve Ponsonby - so that is quite scary.

"But the great thing about having two people on stage is you can really tune in to the other person’s rhythms.

"As long as you have that connection with the other person and you are really focused, it can become quite electric."

Kris Marshall is starring with Eve Ponsonby at the Ustinov Studio in Bath. Credit: ITV West Country

Kris was born in Bath and also spent time living in Somerset.

He has appeared in numerous hit TV shows but as a West Country lad he relished the chance to film ITV's Sanditon, which was set in the South West.

Kris said: "It was great because I got to go home every night - of course I loved the job as well.

"But you know, often with this job you are away from home for long periods, so having an opportunity to do Jane Austen locally with the amazing costumes and the amazing dancing and the amazing dialogue and getting to go home every night is the dream really."

Kris Marshall has starred in hit TV shows including ITV's Sanditon. Credit: ITV Studios

The actor also starred in Death in Paradise as DI Humphrey Goodman, which was filmed in the Caribbean.

Kris left in 2017 because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

His much-loved character is returning to our screens this month in a new spin off show called Beyond Paradise, which is set in Devon and also filmed in Cornwall.

He said: "It is great fun. Fans of Death in Paradise will definitely notice parameters with Beyond Paradise but it is also its own show. It is very unique and I am really excited about it.

"I am a West Country boy so anything that keeps me rooted in the West Country is great.

Kris Marshall co-stars in the stage production Charlotte and Theodore. Credit: Bath Theatre Royal

"We filmed over the Summer and I am such a water person, so I would finish work and get in the sea.

"I love the Carribean sea - it is beautifully warm - but there is something about the Atlantic, it is wild and savage and I like that."

But the focus now for this actor is being back on stage - something Kris says he only gets the chance to do every five years or so.

"It is like being a musician," he said. "You have to gig live otherwise you get a bit flabby and a bit woolly if you don't. It is great because it makes you sharper, which I think is needed."

Kris Marshall will be performing in Charlotte and Theodore at the Ustinov Studio in Bath until 18th March.