These are the animals which will be at the new Bristol Zoo at the Wild Place Project

Hasani, a gorilla born at Bristol Zoo Credit: PA

Black rhinoceros, North African red necked ostrich and Grevy's zebra will be among the animals being kept at the new Bristol Zoo when it is rebuilt at the Wild Place Project site.

Animals moving from Bristol Zoo Gardens to the new Bristol Zoo at Wild Place Project include:

  • The Western lowland gorillas

  • Blue-eyed black lemurs

  • Polynesian tree snails

  • Mindanao bleeding heart dove

  • Tarictic hornbill

  • Socorro dove

  • European turtle dove

  • Turquoise gecko

  • Lemur leaf frog

  • Corfu killifish.

New species will also then be moving to the new Bristol Zoo from other zoos and aquariums around the world as part of well-established, cooperative breeding programmes.

These include:

  • Two black rhinoceros

  • North African red-necked ostrich

  • Grevy's zebra.

The zoo has developed a plan so that resources are focused on 76 species which are in need of protection based on the red list of globally threatened species.

In the first phase, around 80% of the species at the new Bristol Zoo will be linked to the society's conservation programmes around the world, living in spaces more closely reflecting their natural habitats.

The society's target by 2035, its bicentenary year, is for 90% of species to be linked to its conservation work - with more species planned to arrive over a number of years.

Brian Zimmerman, director of conservation and science at Bristol Zoological Society, said: "We've developed our animal species plan so that we can really focus our resources on animals that most need our help, and maximise the impact we make to the conservation of wildlife."

Construction of the new Bristol Zoo is expected to begin in 2024 and will be phased over a number of years with Wild Place Project remaining open throughout.