Cornwall earthquake: People feel houses 'shake' as 1.5 magnitude earthquake hits Penryn

The tremor was felt for miles in Cornwall Credit: ITV News West Country

People living in Cornwall felt their houses 'shake' this morning during an earthquake near Penryn.

According to the British Geological Survey the 1.5 magnitude earthquake happened at around 6.30am this morning (Friday 24 February).

Experts say the tremor struck around 2km below the surface. It is not clear what caused the earthquake at this stage.

People living in the area reported feeling and hearing the quake, with residents sharing their experiences on social media.

Some residents said they felt a "rumble" that sounded like a "large vehicle".

One resident said: "I heard a rumble and thought it was thunder."

The earthquake was felt far away, with people reporting noticing the tremor miles from Penryn.

One person said: "I am more than 10 miles from Helston and definitely heard a rumble and felt a shake."

Another wrote: "It sounded like a great big truck was coming towards the house (even though we don't live by a road) and it got louder then the house shook and it went away."

In March last year, a 1.6 magnitude earthquake was reported in Cornwall after geothermal testing at the Eden Project.