Plea for drivers to slow down as five ponies killed on Dartmoor in a week

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Drivers on Dartmoor are being urged to slow down after seven ponies were hit in just a week.

Five of the ponies were either killed at the scene or had to be put down due to the severity of their injuries. The other two survived.

Livestock Protection Officer Karla Mckechnie shared photographs of some of the animals in a bid to raise awareness.

She said: "Seven is the highest number I've ever had in a February month. Two sheep have also been hit so we've got a total of nine animals, seven of them fatal.

"Dartmoor is home to a vast number of animals, where they should be able to flourish and live in safety."

So far this year there has been an unusually high number of animals killed Credit: DARTMOOR LIVESTOCK PROTECTION SOCIETY

She is appealing for anyone who sees an animal involved in a crash to report it immediately so they can get help for it as soon as possible.

It's thought that recent cold weather may mean that the ponies are heading to the sides of roads, attracted by the salt which is spread by gritters.

Ms McKechnie is asking everyone driving across Dartmoor to slow down, particularly in poor weather conditions.