Hundreds of Ukrainians march through Bristol to mark first anniversary of war in Ukraine

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Hundreds of people have marched through Bristol today (25 February) to mark the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

"Stop Russia Now" and "Weapons for Ukraine" were chanted as people walked from College Green to the Galleries shopping centre, where speeches were given and traditional song and dance performed.

A minute's silence was observed and donations made to help the war effort across Ukraine.

Thousands of Ukrainians have settled in the West Country after fleeing the war

Co-organiser of the event, Anastasiya Oleksiyenko, said people's resolve had been strengthened by the show of support in Bristol and across the West Country.

She said: "It is unbelievable that it is one year (but) we are just getting stronger because the mood today, one year on, is so much different than the mood the year before."

"Everyone was simply in shock that a peaceful nation could be so brutally invaded in the middle of Europe in the 21st Century," she added.

Those who've made the city their new home welcomed the sight of many local people walking with Ukrainians.

"It gives you an amazing feeling," said one. "It does bring strength and you understand you're not alone. It gives you the feeling of being in your own country."

Ukrainians gather outside City Hall on Bristol's College Green

While many intend to return to their homeland as soon as possible, others hope to remain, not least because they have no home and even no-one to go back to.

Offering her support was the Lord-Lieutenant of Bristol, Peaches Golding.

"You do as much as you can because everything you can do is important," she said.

"It was lovely to hear one of the Ukranian women explaining that while we in our churches might be praying for them, they in their churches are praying for everybody that sends support of whatever level is available. Everything helps."