Dismantled caravan dumped at beauty spot in 'outrageous' case of fly-tipping in Cotswolds

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Parts of a dismantled caravan have been dumped in an “outrageous” case of fly-tipping at a beauty spot in the Cotswolds.

The waste was found along the track in Edgeworth near Cirencester, and has left residents outraged.

Cotswold District Councillor Julia Judd said it is devastating to find such a beautiful spot littered.

She said: “I was outraged when I saw this dismantled caravan strewn about this steep, rocky track which is a class six highway, a relic of 1930s road classification.

Parts of a discarded caravan found at a beauty spot near Cirencester Credit: Julia Judd

“It is devastating, such a remote beautiful spot, how could someone do this? It is going to cost taxpayers such a lot to clear up.

“Three site visits, a variety of vehicles and trailers to do the collection and it will take hours of man time. it is in Cotswold and the chassis and other bits are in Stroud District.

“We will sort this out, officers have been liaising with one another and some amazing people have stepped up to lend a hand.”

Cotswold District Council's Environment department has sought to strengthen their approach to fly-tipping in recent months.

It recently installed cameras at fly-tipping hotspots in a bid to crackdown on the illegal activity. It has also been involved in stop-checks of vehicles to reinforce the anti-fly-tipping message.

Cotswold District Council Cabinet member Juliet Layton says fly-tipping is also dangerous as it can contain hidden chemicals and contaminants that leach into the environment.

Cllr Layton says the offenders are "uncaring" and the problem is getting worse:

From April to September 2022, the council recorded 531 incidents of fly-tipping across the district – an increase of 15% compared to the previous year.

Cllr Layton is urging anyone wanting rubbish cleared to make sure that the operator has the correct paperwork - such as a waste carrier licence - to do the work.

Credit: Local Democracy Reporter/Carmelo Garcia