Dog shelter inundated with requests to house 'Britain's loneliest dog'

28 people have put in applications to adopt Charlie so far Credit: RSCPA

A dog that was dubbed one of Britain's loneliest is one step closer to finding his forever home.

Charlie, a nine-year-old Beagle cross, has spent more than 500 days at an RSPCA rescue centre in Somerset.

He arrived at Brent Knoll Animal Centre in September 2021 and had not received much interest from the public but after ITV News featured Charlie's story this week there's been an influx of enquiries about him.

Before moving into the rehoming centre, Charlie lived in an abusive home in a top-floor flat where he didn't get to socialise with people or other dogs very often.

Andy Cook who has been caring for Charlie during his time with the RSPCA said: “The life that he had previously was quite a sheltered life, that’s probably the best way to describe it so he’s not had great experience socially with people and other dogs.

“We’d like to think that we meet his companionship needs to a certain extent but we’re very aware that as much as we try to make him and the other residents we have here as happy as possible it’s nothing in comparison to having a home of your own," Andy added.

"We’re keen to get him placed as soon as possible as much as we’ll miss him of course.”

The nervous pup has lived at the RSPCA rescue centre since 2021. Credit: RSPCA

Although he's a firm favourite at the centre, staff say they are happy to see him find a wonderful new home.

In a statement, they told ITV News "We've had over 30 adoption applications since the weekend along with other enquiries about charlie via telephone, email and messenger.

"The response to his story has been amazing, we have even received interest from California, Texas and Germany!"