How small changes helped one Exmouth pensioner save hundreds on her energy bill

The tools she has implemented in her home were provided to her for free from the council Credit: PA Images

An elderly woman from Exmouth who was struggling to pay her bills has saved hundreds of pounds thanks to a few small changes in her home.

With just a little help in the form of door draft excluders, LED lightbulbs and reflective radiator panels, it is estimated the 88-year-old saved more than £250 in just four months.

That is more than £60 savings a month.

The woman also reduced her shower times, shopped for the best fixed-rate tariff for her energy and gas bills and started to use a smart meter to control the costs of using different home appliances.

All the different tools and measures were provided to her for free as part of a scheme run by Exeter Community Energy (ECOE) in partnership with East Devon District Council.

Tara Bowers, Project manager of ECOE said: “We’re delighted to be working with East Devon District Council again this year to support vulnerable and fuel-poor households in the region.

"As each year goes by it seems that our expert advice is needed more than ever and we’re therefore grateful for this additional financial support which will enable us to reach more residents.”

£15,000 has also been allotted to helping other struggling residents in East Devon to help them introduce energy-efficiency measures in their homes.

People can apply for help by contacting the council and having a phone call with an advisor.

Follow-up home visits can then be booked to find out what measures would work best depending on people's circumstances.

The woman found using a smart meter helped her to understand how much each appliance was costing her to use.

Councillor Dan Ledger, East Devon District Council portfolio holder for Strategic Planning said:

“On average ECOE helps to save residents an estimated £1,000 a year from just one home visit or around £400 a year through a telephone assessment.

“This is an incredible amount. I don’t know anyone that would say no to saving an estimated £83 a month, by allowing an ECOE specialist to assess how they could improve the efficiency of their home.

“We really hope more people will get in touch with EDDC’s financial resilience team to see what support can be offered through this special scheme.”

If you would like help from the ECOE team please get in touch with EDDC’s financial resilience team who can provide a referral here.