Live Bristol Airport weather updates after arrivals and departures suspended by heavy snow

Heavy snow has been falling this morning Credit: @bearkins300372

Bristol Airport has reopened after heavy snow saw all flights suspended this morning - but disruption remains.

All flights were suspended until just before 11am this morning (Wednesday 8 March).

While snow has now been cleared from the runway, disruption remains. A total of 10 flights due to depart from the airport have been cancelled with a further nine arrivals cancelled.

Passengers were warned to expect severe delays due to a yellow weather warning for ice and snow is currently in place across the South West. The Met Office warning is in place until 9am tomorrow morning.

In a statement, it said: "Passengers are advised to contact their airline for specific flight information prior to travelling to the airport and please take extra care."

Elsewhere there is major disruption on the roads and schools have been forced to close due to the weather.

Which Bristol Airport flights have been cancelled?


  • easyJet flight EZY3363 to Venice Municipal at 10.30am - cancelled

  • Lufthansa flight LH971 to Franfurt at 11.05am - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZY443 to Belfast International at 11.45am - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZY572 to Newcastle at 2.20pm - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZY427 to Edinburgh at 3.30pm - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EJU6141 to Toulouse at 3.55pm - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZY6167 to Amsterdam at 6.05pm - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZY6223 to Paris at 6.30pm - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZY407 to Glasgow at 7pm - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZS3066 to Geneva at 7.10pm - cancelled


  • Lufthansa flight LH 970 from Frankfurt due to land at 10.25am - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZY444 from Belfast International due to land at 11.15am - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EJU6142 from Toulouse due to land at 3.25pm - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZY571 from Newcastle due to land at 5pm - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZS3065 from Geneva due to land at 6.30pm - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZY428 from Edinburgh due to land at 6.30pm - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZY6168 from Amsterdam due to land at 9.15pm - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZY6224 from Paris due to land at 9.20pm - cancelled

  • easyJet flight EZY408 from Glasgow due to land at 9.55pm - cancelled

A spokesperson for easyJet told ITV News: “Due to the closure of the runway at Bristol airport this morning as a result of snow, airlines are currently experiencing some disruption to their flying programmes and unfortunately some flights have been unable to operate.

“We are doing everything possible to minimise the weather disruption for our customers including providing refreshments for those who are delayed and hotel rooms and meals where required for those customers affected by the cancellations along with the option of transferring to an alternative flight for free or a refund.

“We advise all passengers due to fly with us from Bristol to check the status of their flights on Flight Tracker at for real-time information.

“The safety of our passengers and crew is easyJet’s highest priority.

"Whilst this is outside of our control, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused as a result of the weather.”