Young Cornish singers unite for International Women’s Day

From Five Islands Academy in St Martin’s on the Isles of Scilly to St Mabyn Church of England School near Bodmin and beyond, Truro Cathedral Choir held a special assembly together with around 2000 local school children for International Women’s Day.

Truro Cathedral Chorister Celia Gill described the assembly as 'joyful'.

The children joined the assembly virtually

Talking to ITV News about the children joining the assembly virtually, Celia said: "to look over at the screen and see all the young children who were joining in, I thought it was full of happiness and joy."

Women were front and centre of the assembly today which included a message from Melissa Quinn, the Head of Spaceport Cornwall and a canon of Truro Cathedral, Sarah Yardley.

Melissa Quinn delivering an inspirational message to the assembly Credit: Five Islands Academy, St Martin's

Sarah said she'd not been part of such a big gathering of young people before: “there’s that beautiful moment for a young person when the penny drops that they’re extraordinary exactly as they are.

"They’re often reminded by the stories of women around the world that they can live bravely exactly where they are”.

Esme Page gathered all of the schools together for this event. She said that the event was all about the music and about enabling the children to lead each other.

"So the choristers lead the singing but then the children out in the schools lead the prayers and the readings. We want to grow more leaders for Cornwall."