Somerset village fears being squeezed by accommodation for Hinkley Point C workforce

Construction at Hinkley Point

Residents in a Somerset village say they fear they are being 'squeezed from two sides' by accommodation for workers at the Hinkley Point C construction site.

EDF, which is building the new nuclear power plant, says it now needs around 8,600 staff to complete the project, around 3,000 more than originally planned.

As well as accomocation blocks in Bridgwater and near the power station itself, the company is using multiple camp-sites and holiday parks nearby for workers.

Sedgemoor District Council has now given Mill Lane Camping and Caravan Park on Watery Lane in Fiddington permission to provide an additional 58 pitches for Hinkley staff, with those already living on site expected to remain until December 2025.

Wayne Hawley, vice-chairman of Fiddington Parish Council, said: “Fiddington is a small village, with no shop, pub or post office. It’s in danger of being increasingly squeezed on two sides by the expansion of caravan sites at Mill Farm and Quantock Lakes.

“The road linking the village to the A39 is perfect for the needs of the village, and is too small to be used as a cut-through to Hinkley. This is an over-development of an existing facility.”

Councillor Alistair Hendry from Sedgemoor District Council said the expansion was necessary in order to ensure Hinkley Point C construction could continue at its current rate.

He said: “Accommodation is a real problem - more of a problem than the entry and exit to this site.

“Hinkley Point C workers are working all day and all night, and they’d only have two trips in and out, notwithstanding the fact there’s a bus service. Another 58 caravans is not a deal-breaker.”

The committee voted to approve the plans by a margin of ten votes to one, with one abstention.