Minority ethnic communities in Bristol 'disproportionately' impacted by cost of living crisis

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A report by a Somali organisation in Bristol has found that minority ethnic communities have been disproportionately affected by the cost of living crisis.

Bristol Somali Forum surveyed more than 60 people living in Barton Hill, St Paul's and Easton.

It found dozens of examples of families skipping meals to save money and struggling to pay energy bills.

Mohamed Sayaqle, author of the report, said: "It was emotional hearing people's stories.

"When people have to choose between buying a meal, paying bills or spending money on their children.

"The research highlights how people are unable to access the right support."

Below are some of the anonymous testimonies from those who took part:

"I work for survival, paying for food, rent, council tax, utility  bills and my car and by the end of the month I'm left with nothing."

"Sometimes we skip meals to pay for milk for the baby, nappies or electricity,  these are the priorities. The cost-of-living crisis exposed me to constantly worry, anxiety and thinking about insecurity."

"The crisis has caused my children to miss out  either social event, sport activities or educational opportunity. My son's football has been cancelled, I stopped taking them to trips and my son to participate to tournaments."

The report also raised concerns about the exploitation of young people who are looking for ways to make money.

It concludes there needs to be more support and education for people living in these areas such as youth clubs and community groups, as well as programmes to help tackle isolation and help elders communicate in their second language.