Woman finally selling Glastonbury home which she's lived in for 102 years - take a look inside

The living room of the property in Street still shows signs of how it looked in previous decades Credit: Holland and Odam

A house in Somerset that has been lived in by the same person for 102 years is finally going on sale.

Nancy ‘Joan’ Gifford moved into the three-bed terraced house in Street in 1921 when she was just two-years-old.

The 104-year-old has lived in the home ever since, although she is finally selling the property as she's moving out to a nearby nursing home in Glastonbury.

When Mrs Gifford's family originally bought the home, it cost them £200. The house came complete with a kitchen, toilet and wash area open to the elements, while a tin bath hung on the wall outside.

Potential buyers now looking to purchase a piece of history face a significantly higher price, of £169,950.

The property has also gone through a number of renovations, with much of the area exposed to the elements covered over, while a new kitchen has been installed and the family bathroom extended.

But although the price tag has changed dramatically and some improvements made, many of the rooms within the property continue to hint how the home would have looked in previous decades.

Scroll down to take a look inside the property and see how it looks today:

Nancy's mother, Alice, outside of The Mead in the 1930s, and how the property looks today Credit: Holland and Odam
The bedrooms in the house have kept much of the decoration first put up several decades ago Credit: Holland and Odam
The kitchen has changed significantly since when Nancy first moved in - when it was exposed to the elements
One of the many items in the house that has survived the passage of time
The house features a Ferguson Courier television, despite the company that manufactured the sets being sold 35 years ago
A Sanyo radio cassette recorder on the shelf (right) is just one of several hangovers from previous decades in the home Credit: Holland and Odam
While not technically in the house, the home features one thing that hasn't changed in more than a century - a view of the Glastonbury Tor