Plymouth mum who gave birth in moving taxi reunited with driver

Bobby Bailey helped get Ebony-Paige Blank to hospital - but baby Khai arrived before they got there

A woman who gave birth to her child in the front seat of a moving taxi in Plymouth has been reunited with the driver who got her to hospital.

Ebony-Paige Blank was in town when she began experiencing on and off contractions, despite her second child not being due for nearly three weeks.

The 23-year-old decided to go home, but began bleeding and hailed a taxi.

Ebony-Paige's water then broke while sat in the vehicle, leading to the birth of Khai, while on the move, on 28 February.

Taxi driver Bobby Bailey then managed to get her to Derriford Hospital.

Bobby is delighted that the pair are doing well and is pictured sitting in the seat where Khai was born

The pair have now reunited, which Bobby said was "probably just my way of making sure they're alright."

He said: "Last time, I saw them they were cutting the umbilical cord and getting the lady in. Glad they're alright though, they're a lovely family."

Recounting the unique journey, Bobby said: "On the way up through Budshead Road, she said her water had broken and or course, me being me, I was like: 'No, you'll be fine. Absolutely fine. It's not happening, it ain't happening'. Probably me a bit of a denial.

"And then we got a bit further and she said 'the baby's head is out' and that was the minute I was like, 'yeah, it's going to happen.'

Baby Khai is unaware of the drama surrounding his birth

"And then within a minute or two, this baby just came out of nowhere. And yeah, the baby was there."

Bobby decided not to charge Ebony-Paige for the journey, or for the clean up. On baby Khai's birth register, it now states he was born on Budshead Road.

Describing how she felt in the minute, Ebony-Paige remarked: "Got to do what you have to do."

Meeting Bobby, she added: "He did an amazing job, I wouldn't... He was just amazing."