The West Country bus being converted into a field hospital for Ukraine's wounded

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An old bus is being converted into a field hospital for wounded soldiers and civilians in Ukraine.

The Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership have been given the vehicle, which used to transport people around Dorset.

The chairs have been stripped out thanks to volunteers and two hospital beds have been installed in their place.

More medical equipment, power and water supply are due to be added over the coming days.

In six weeks time, it will begin its journey to the frontline, where it will help save lives. According to volunteers, it is the first of as many as two hundred donated buses that will be refitted and driven to Ukraine.

Mike Bowden, from the Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership, told ITV News: "I hope it's never needed, I hope our work can stop.

Nataliya Suhoveeva has family in Ukraine Credit: ITV News

"But let's be clear we didn't start this war, we are dealing with the appalling consequences.

"There may be troops that are dying, there may be mums giving birth, there may be children with dislocated knees.

"It's not our job to determine how it's used, it's our task and obligation to get things out there for the Ukrainians to decide how to use it."

Nataliya Suhoveeva moved to the UK six years ago, but has friends and family back in Ukraine.

She said: "My heart is crying when I think about them, we cannot find my sister, my cousins in Kharkiv.

"I lost connection with them from the first day of the war and I am still trying to find them and their family of four. My mum still lives in Ukraine, it's been her home in Kyiv."

The Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership says they need more volunteers and other organisations to come forward to help refit other buses.

The bus was donated by the company that operated it Credit: ITV News

They are also appealing for donations to help them fund the fuel needed to drive the buses to Ukraine. It will cost an estimated thousand pounds for the trip per bus.

Paul Coyne, from the Swindon Bus Company who donated the bus, said: "It's come to the end of its life as a working bus, so it's a really good thing for us to utilise it in another capacity.

"To be able to provide and refit the bus for the people of Ukraine is a fantastic project to be involved in to be honest and we've played a small part of it as far as I'm concerned."