Two arrested on suspicion of assault following protests at Newquay's Beresford Hotel

Police push back protestors outside of the Beresford Hotel Credit: BPM Media

Two people have been arrested on suspicion of assault following protests outside of a hotel being used to house asylum seekers in Cornwall.

Counter-protesters have been involved in clashes with police during demonstrations outside the Beresford Hotel in Newquay.

Two protests have been taking place today (26 March) after the Home Office moved a group of asylum seekers to the hotel in November.

One group were protesting against the asylum seekers while the other was a counter protest.

Some protestors scuffled with police in a bid to push through to the opposing group Credit: BPM Media

Both groups were chanting and shouting at each other. Devon and Cornwall Police had to close Narrowcliff, the road outside the hotel, and move two vans between the groups to keep them apart, for more than three hours.

Counter-protesters were seen pushing towards the anti-asylum seeker group. Police officers had to physically push them back to keep them separate.

It’s been reported that violence broke out at about 1pm with counter protesters seen clashing with police in two or three spots in close proximity to the Beresford Hotel.

Officers formed a barrier outside the hotel this morning where there were about 20 protesters against the asylum seekers and 150 supporting.

As well as the two arrests, two people were issued with Section 35 dispersal notices. Devon and Cornwall Police has said the vast majority of protestors and counter-protestors were peaceful, and have thanked them for their cooperation.

This is the second time protests have taken place outside the hotel.  The first set of demonstrations took place on February 25.