Cornwall school evacuated and children sent home after 'threatening' anonymous call

Penair School had to be evacuated this morning. Credit: BPM Media

A Cornwall school had to be evacuated this morning after receiving an anonymous call threatening the security of the school.

All children and staff at Penair School in Truro are safe and well, but the school has decided to close for the rest of the day (30 March).

They are being assisted by Devon and Cornwall Police following the incident, and there is a large police presence at the scene.

Police at the school in Cornwall this morning (30 March) Credit: BPM Media

Penair School have issued a statement which reads: "We received an anonymous phone call this morning, threatening the security of the school and as a result evacuated all of the children and the staff to the astro turf and all are safe and well.

"However we have decided to implement our snow closure procedures and will be sending all of the children home.

"We are awaiting buses to collect the children, all children who walk will leave the site in the next ten minutes.

Police were called to the school this morning after reports of a suspicious anonymous call. Credit: BPM Media

"We are also being assisted by local police. I can confirm that all children are safe, well and accounted for.

"If you wish to collect your child in person, please park on the main road outside of the school building and walk to the school entrance where a member of staff will meet you, collect your child to go home.

"We will provide a further update when we are able."