Bristol Clean Air Zone exemption ends for Blue Badge holders

Bristol's Clean Air Zone launched in November.

Blue Badge holders are among several groups who will no longer be exempt from Bristol's Clean Air Zone (CAZ) charge.

From today (Saturday 1 April), a number of people will be charged for the first time to enter the zone, including those who live inside it, and community transport drivers.

Before this, Blue Badge holders could apply for either a daily exemption or a longer-term exemption for their vehicles.

Daily exemptions were for Blue Badge holders making occasional journeys in a vehicle they don't own and longer-term exemptions were for those who were making journeys in a vehicle registered at their address.

There are however national exemptions to the scheme, which seem to be unaffected by the changes brought in on 31 April. These include disabled passenger tax class vehicles and disabled tax class vehicles.

Bristol City Council says there is still support available for people facing the charges.

This includes a range of grants available for people to buy 'cleaner' vehicles as well as the Clean Air Fund which provides support to individuals and businesses.

The fund includes local travel discounts, cycling to work schemes, and vehicle upgrades.

Where does Bristol's clean air zone cover?

The clean air zone covers a small area of central Bristol. Credit: Bristol Live

The zone covers a small area of central Bristol including a large section of Temple Way, roads around Broadmead and Cabot Circus, part of Park Street, and routes around Bristol Royal Infirmary.

South of the river, the zone incorporates Coronation Road and surrounds half of Greville Smyth Park before crossing back over the river on Brunel Way and lasting for part of the Portway.

How much is the charge in Bristol's clean air zone?

Non-compliant cars will be charged £9 a day to drive through the zone whereas buses, coaches, and HGVs will face daily charges of £100 per day.

Businesses can also use it to check their vehicles by uploading a spreadsheet of the registration numbers of all the vehicles they own.

The zone is being introduced as part of Bristol's commitment to tackle the climate crisis.