Devon's 'Boy in the Tent' spends his last night camping out under the canvas

The Boy in the Tent
Max Woosey, known to many as the 'Boy in the Tent' Credit: ITV West Country

The Devon teenager who has become known as 'The Boy in the Tent' after spending three years sleeping in a tent in his garden has spent his last night under canvas.

Max Woosey, 13, began his charity camp out during the first lockdown in 2020.

He'd originally aimed to raise £100 for the North Devon Hospice after the death of his neighbour.

However, after continuing his sleep out, he's gone on to raise around £750,000.

Hundreds gathered for the festival which featured live music from local bands Credit: ITV News

For his last night in his tent on Saturday 1 April, a small music festival organised by his family and friends was held at Broomhill Estate in North Devon.

Some of the people attending also camped to celebrate Max's last night in his tent.

Max said: "I'm excited and I'm a bit disappointed about this ending because of course it has been a big three years of my life.

"It's going to be a bit weird coming back inside but you know what this has all been for a good cause, it's been brilliant."

Max began his camp out when he was 10 years old after a family friend died and left Max his tent, telling him to "have an adventure".

Max's mum, Rachael Woosey, says that none of her family ever imagined Max's challenge would last this long.

She said it was Max's decision that it should now come to an end so that he can focus on other areas of his life.

Rachael said: "I think this has made me trust in Max more.

"He was this little ten year old who wanted to do something and I originally said no because I thought I knew best and actually I think I have learnt as much as he has."

Last month Max was confirmed as a Guinness World Record holder for the most money raised for camping.