Somerset man builds train station in garden complete with tracks and carriage

A former railway worker has built a train station in his garden to go alongside a full-size Pullman carriage and locomotive.

Paul Chant, 60, runs Piltown Farm, near Glastonbury in Somerset.

Having bought an old locomotive and British Rail Mark 3 coach in recent years, Mr Chant decided to lay tracks and add a platform and station building to go alongside them.

He has even added level crossing gates to the entrance of his property.

The carriage sits on tracks alongside the station and level crossing gates

The 'station' is now a prominent sight for drivers on the A361 between Glastonbury and Pilton.

Mr Chant says he hopes to one day convert the carriage into a restaurant and even create an operating railway on his land.

He said: "From a very young age I always loved railways - the noise, the smell and the whole energy about it. From a very young boy I was sold!"

Mr Chant's track also has an old converted locomotive on it

The carriage and locomotive were bought by Mr Chant initially to ensure they were preserved.

He said: "They were all facing being scrapped and I thought this is the time now to save that and do something useful with it and probably inspire other people to do so.

"I just think 'let's be happy!' There's nothing else in life but to be happy. This is what it's all about."

'Piltown Station' sits alongside the A361 to Glastonbury and has a great view of the Mendip Hills

'Piltown Station' has a wonderful view north towards the Mendip Hills and Mr Chant believes there is huge potential for the carriage to be used for hospitality.

"We've been approached by several restaurant people," he said.

"If we can find the right chef then we've got a rolling business."