Kitten saved by Devon vet after swallowing one metre of yarn

The 10-month-old tabby was rushed to a vets by her worried owner Credit: BPM Media

A kitten has been saved by a Devon vet after swallowing one metre of yarn.

Margot had to undergo emergency surgery to extract the yarn which had blocked her intestines and caused serious internal injuries.

The 10-month-old tabby had been rushed to the vets by her worried owner,  Louise Miheli, when she noticed the kitten wasn’t herself and was repeatedly being sick.

After tests to rule out common health conditions that affect young cats, the team discovered the hidden problem.

Vet Alice Kay said alarm bells started to ring when Margot continued vomiting after receiving anti-sickness medication.

Margot underwent emergency surgery at Jonathan Wood Vets near Crediton Credit: BPM Media

Alice said: “I had a chat to Margot’s owner and she remembers seeing the kitten playing with some embroidery yarn a few days before.

"The yarn had caused the intestine to scramble up, and no food could get through because the gut was blocked.

"I was hoping I could remove the yarn in one piece, but because it was so long and had stuck to the sides of the intestine, I had to make several incisions so I could snip the thread into pieces and take it out bit by bit.

"Unfortunately, the thread had caused some of Margot’s intestine to perforate, and I removed the damaged section because it was irreparable.”

After such a major operation, Margot was very poorly and was given supportive care and medication to encourage her gut to start moving again.

Alice added: “Margot is obviously a fighter because she improved every day and was able to go home a few days later, but she’s definitely used up at least one of her nine lives."

Margot is now back home with her family in Cullompton. Louise said the kitten is the beloved companion of her 21-year-old daughter, Scarlett, who has autism.

Louise said: “I am so grateful to Alice for saving Margot’s life as we would have been devastated if we had lost her, especially Scarlett who absolutely adores her.

"My daughter enjoys crafting and I’d noticed Margot playing with some thread in her room, but picked it up and put it on the side where I didn’t think she’d be able to reach it.

"She must have jumped up and knocked it down while I was at work, and by batting it around with her paw made it unravel so it was easier to swallow. 

"Alice was amazing and went above and beyond the call of duty when she was caring for Margot.

“It was very worrying to see her so ill, and the whole family was on a rollercoaster ride for a few days while Alice and her team battled to save Margot."