Two orphaned badger cubs rescued by wildlife charity in Highbridge

These two badger cubs that were spotted alone with no sign of a mum. Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Two badger cubs have been found completely alone, underweight and suffering from parasites.

The pair were around eight weeks old when they were found by Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Highbridge on 19 April.

The charity was responding to a concerned caller who had spotted them alone with no sign of a mum.

Two response drivers were sent to rescue the cubs, who had a large parasite burden.

They are now being looked after, have had fluid therapy to rehydrate them and treatment for the parasites.

Meanwhile, the charity has been in contact with a local badger group to check if there are other cubs that need their help.

If the mum is located safe and well, then a natal return may be possible.

As the name suggests, a natal return involves returning the young of an animal to the place they were growing up, so in the case of the above badger cubs it would be returning them to their sett.

Natal returns are complicated to carry out as the charity has to be sure they are returning animals to the correct location and they need to identify key individuals like their mum.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue said: "We often uses trail cameras and thermal imaging cameras to monitor wildlife in the area and help them identify mum.

"There are also certain cues we can get from the animals. In the case of badgers, we may see them clawing at the soil and whickering (a noise badger cubs make), these are both signs that they are in a familiar area.

"Due to the complicated nature of natal returns they are not always successful. In that instance the young will be rehabilitated back at a rescue centre, such as Secret World, before being released when they are old enough."