'We're a little heartbroken' - Businesses destroyed by fire at Bath's Green Park Station

The fire burnt through the roof Credit: James Thorne

Businesses have been destroyed by a fire that broke out in a historic building in Bath.

Green Park station is a former railway station-turned-community space.

Avon Fire and Rescue were called just before 5am on Sunday 23 April.

Crews from Bath, Hicks Gate, Kingswood and Temple fire stations attended the incident and tackled the blaze, using high pressure hose reels, jets and thermal imaging cameras.

The damaged roof space Credit: Hacketts Men's Hairdressers

No one was harmed but the fire burnt through wooden cabins, used as trader stalls, and into the roof space.

Wolf Wine cabin and The Shrine, which is known as "Bath's smallest bar" have been destroyed.

In a statement on social media Wolf Wine said: "There's been a huge fire. The Shrine & Wolf Wine Cabin are gone."

It added: "We're a little heartbroken right now".

The fire burnt through the wooden cabins Credit: Hacketts Men's Hairdressers

The business is still serving its wholesale accounts and says it is hoping to get the store side back up and running "as soon as possible."

Midland Bridge Road and Pines Road were initially shut but later reopened by midday.

A scene remains in place while further investigations are carried out.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown, but Avon and Somerset Police said: "At this stage there is no evidence of deliberate ignition."