'We really need help' - Families of people stranded in Sudan call on the government to do more

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A woman whose husband is stranded in Sudan is calling on the Government to help him and others stuck in the war-torn country to help them escape the fighting.

Sherien Elsheikh's husband travelled to Sudan from Bristol 15 days ago to visit his sick brother in hospital.

She hasn't spoken to him in more than two days and during their last conversation, he told her that he was frightened and speechless.

Mrs Elsheikh said: "He can't do anything, he's worried about us here as well.

"We have three kids and he does everything for us so he worries about us here and he worries about his family there.

"They're all frightened and scared about what's going on around them because the fighting is all around them. They live in the middle of it all," she added.

Diplomats and their families were removed from the war-torn country over the weekend

Fighting erupted between the army and a paramilitary force known as the Rapid Support Forces just over a week ago (15 April).

In total, 2000 British Citizens have registered as being stuck in Sudan, but the real figure is thought to be almost double that.

At the weekend a special military operation helped diplomats evacuate - but now there are growing calls to rescue those remaining, straight away.

Mrs Elsheikh says that her husband has been unable to contact the British embassy from Sudan because the connections system has gone down so she has had to take over that responsibility.

"They damaged the communication bridge there so I contacted the government here through the website and I called them," she said.

"I registered his name with them but I didn't hear from them. I got a confirmation email from them which is three days ago but I haven't heard anything else."

When asked if the government is doing enough to help her husband return home, Mrs Elsheikh said: "No, because they haven't contacted him and he's worried about what's going on, thinking 'why?'

"He's confused and scared about what's going on. He can't do anything.

"I feel very weird, why aren't they supporting British citizens? At least they should contact them, because all the other countries have contacted their people and they took them from the country. The government here has to do something."

Mr Mohamed has also not spoken to his wife in 2 days

She is not alone though, Fadhalrham Mohamed's wife is also stuck in Sudan.

He told ITV West Country: "She just went to visit family and I don't hear anything about her in two days now and the situation is very very bad there.

"People are fighting for their lives. No food, no drink, I can't contact her and I've got five kids here. My kids are very very worried about their mum, every time they are asking about her.

"The oldest is 15 and the youngest is eight years old. Sometimes he can't sleep, he's asking if my wife is ok, watching the TV and the news and we keep saying 'she's ok' but there is no contact at the moment.

"We don't know anything and we try to ask the British government to do something about their citizens. We've heard about a lot of countries that took their diplomatic people and citizens altogether. I don't know why our government didn't take them altogether.

"Every day it's going to be very very bad because they are fighting together. It's a militia, you know? They don't know mum or old people or kids, they are just killing and it's very bad just waiting."

"When you call all you can hear is gunshots and bangs and there is no medical. We're very worried - especially because of my five kids.

"I can't work now, I'm cooking for them and cleaning and picking them up from school. We really need help from the government."

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