'Enjoy every second' - Lorraine speaks to 'Tent Boy' about King Charles's Coronation invite

  • Max Woosey speaks to Lorraine

A teenager who spent three years sleeping in a tent to raise money for charity has spoken to Lorraine after receiving an invitation to the King's Coronation.

Max Woosey originally aimed to raise £100 for the North Devon Hospice after the death of his neighbour and friend Rick.

Max thought he'd raise around £60 and that his mum and dad would have to "top it up".

Now he has raised more than £750,000 for the local charity that took care of Rick and his wife.

He said: "I can't thank Rick enough for giving me the tent to start and saying for me to have this adventure."

The teenager first spoke to the daytime television host at the beginning of his adventure during the first lockdown in 2020.

Max spoke to Lorraine on her programme this morning (24 April) Credit: Max Woosey/Instagram

Lorraine showed a video message from the hospice to the 13-year-old. Staff thanked Max for all of his hard work sleeping in the tent.

Over the three years he braved freezing conditions and other "horrible weather" but says it was all worth it.

Max has recently had his first night sleeping in a bed after finishing his challenge with a mini festival, but says he "misses the tent" and that he can now "hear his parents snoring again".

He's now hoping to take on another challenge - possibly camping out in Premiership rugby stadiums to raise money for their local hospices.

Speaking of the King's Coronation on 6 May, Lorraine told Max to "enjoy every second because you deserve it."