Royal fan from Cornwall says she'd feel 'bereft' if she hadn't camped out on The Mall for 5 days

  • Mary-Jane Willows, from Cornwall, speaks about her Coronation campout

A woman from Cornwall who is spending four nights and five days camped out for the King's Coronation says she would be "bereft" if she wasn't there.

Royal superfan Mary-Jane Willows has camped out near Buckingham Palace around a dozen times - witnessing the Queen's birthdays and jubilees, celebrating royal marriages and, most recently, paying her respects at the Queen's funeral.

She spent five and a half hours travelling to London from her home in Penzance on Tuesday, claiming a prime spot on The Mall.

"My parents were monarchists and so were my grandparents," she said.

"For me, they [the Royal Family] are the glue that holds us all together."

Royal fan Mary-Jane Willows from Cornwall, who is camping out on The Mall, near Buckingham Palace. Credit: PA

And her love of the Royals has earned her many friends through the years. Mary-Jane is camping alongside her friend Donna, who has travelled all the way from Connecticut after they met at Prince William and Kate's wedding.

At the Queen's funeral last year they met Angie, from Canada, who has now set up camp with them at what they call their "London pad".

"It took me half an hour less [to get here] than it took my friend to fly in from Connecticut," Mary-Jane said.

"It took me five and a half hours and it only took her six."

Royal superfan Donna Werner, from the US, at the Queen's Jubilee. Credit: PA

She described the Coronation as a "moment in history", adding: "I would have been bereft if I couldn't have been here. I couldn't have watched it on television if I hadn't been here first to experience it firsthand."

Mary-Jane says it's been "fantastic" sleeping out - even if it has been a little cold.

"The first night was freezing cold, I admit it," she said.

"We hadn't got things quite right, we hadn't got our bedding sorted out - I mean it's May, you would think by now the nights have got warmer.

"It's the coldest night I've ever spent on The Mall. But we also had the rehearsal going on from 12am till 5.30am which was fascinating but not good for sleeping to.

"We've got it sorted now, slept warm as toast ever since."

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