Meet the Wiltshire man who has lived through three coronations and five monarchs

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As people across the West Country prepared for King Charles' coronation today (6 May), Captain Bryan Butchard needed no practice.

The 104-year-old, who lives in Amesbury, Wiltshire, has seen three coronations and five monarchs in is lifetime.

He was second-in-command on a Royal Navy destroyer hunting U-boats during the Second World War.

Captain Butchard said: "We went down to Oxford Street and of course we saw lots of processions going past, but that was all - and it was rather splendid."

Brilly Sutcliffe, from Cheltenham, was near the front of the crowd for the Queen's Coronation in 1953.

She said: "Everyone was chanting 'we want the Queen, we want the Queen' and as we got there, she came out onto the balcony and it was a magical moment, absolutely magical, that I've never forgotten."

Brilly Sutcliffe Credit: ITV News

Modern viewers were able to catch every minute of the celebrations, thanks to the many cameras inside Westminster Abbey and along the route taken by King Charles' carriage.

Brenda Joyce, also from Cheltenham, is among those glad to see the event televised.

Casting her mind back to 1953, she said: "I had to coax my friend's father to buy her a telly so that I could watch it."

Back then, rationing was still in force after the Second World War, but everyone made sure they had saved enough food for a Coronation party.

"I'd never seen so much food. There was food from one end of the street to next," Brenda recalled.

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