Meet the amazing artist transforming Gloucester inner city - one street at a time

  • Video report by Ellie Barker

Artist Tash Frootko is transforming Gloucester's drab inner city one street at a time.

By painting the outside of terraced houses around the city, she has been bringing a splash of colour into people's lives.

Hopewell Street, in Barton and Tredworth, is her latest project and she said it was helping lift people's spirits there.

Ms Frootko said: "I just love the city of Gloucester and bringing more colour and joy to the streets is making people really happy.

"This is my fifth one in the city of Gloucester, I've been doing it for the last five year, and we're hoping to do one each year now.

Tash Frootko Credit: ITV News

"I started buying property in the city and I was just unhappy about how the streets looked and such a simple concept of bringing colour to a street can completely change the look of the street and the lives of the people living there."

People living on Hopewell street are pleased to see Tash giving it a new lease of life. Chloe, a resident, said: "Oh, it's perfect, I love it. It's such a vibrant street."

Ms Frootko plans to transform other streets in Gloucester. She said: "I really wanted to unite these communities and make people feel proud of where they live."