Burgh Island Hotel which inspired Agatha Christie up for sale for £15m

The hotel has provided an overnight stay to legends such as Agatha Christie, Churchill and The Beatles. Credit: Burgh Island Hotel

The owner of Burgh Island Hotel has decided to put the land and hotel up for sale for £15million.

Burgh Island, off the coast of Bigbury-on-Sea in South Devon, is well known for being the basis for two of Agatha Christie's novels as it is home to a Grade II-listed white art deco hotel where the writer stayed.

The hotel won planning permissions for up to £10million of development in 2022 which will include another 12 suites, a new restaurant, a bar and more staff accommodation.

The hotel is up for sale for £15 million. Credit: Burgh Island Hotel

The island and hotel were sold in 2018 for about £8.4million.

The hotel has provided overnight stays to legends such as Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill and The Beatles.

Its current owner Giles Fuchs said: "Ownership of the Burgh Island Hotel has provided me with a wonderful journey and given me the true privilege of restoring and enhancing one of the most treasured tourist assets in the UK over the past few years.

The hotel is situated off the coast of South Devon. Credit: Burgh Island Hotel

"What we have achieved is an immense source of pride for all of us who have been involved and, in our work, we have always tried to ensure that the hotel’s 1920s spirit remains just as vibrant in the 2020s.

"Having watched the hotel be reborn, survive the pandemic, and continue as a wild and beautiful oasis for visitors from across the world, I believe now is the time for me to step aside and allow a new chapter to emerge for Burgh."

The hotel is situated on Burgh Island off the coast of Bigbury-on-Sea, South Devon Credit: Burgh Island Hotel

He told ITV News West Country he was only initially meant to be an investor: "For one reason or another I became more operational meaning I haven't spent so much time with my other children, other businesses and they need my attention.

"I got the planning, have taken it back to its iconic status, we are running at 90% plus occupancy and now is the time to pass on the baton to the next custodian who will move it on further than we've managed to move it on."