Yeovil Town Takeover: Owner Scott Priestnall announces deal 'agreed'

A deal has been agreed in the takeover of Yeovil Town Football Club this evening (11 May), according to the team's owner.

Scott Priestnall released a statement just ahead of a meeting of fans that was held tonight, after it was revealed a takeover of the club by the SU Glovers Consortium had fallen through last week.

The Glovers have been going through financial difficulties, and struggled to pay players and staff on time in April.

But in an announcement on the club's website, Priestnall wrote: "In advance of the Glovers Trust meeting, I wish to announce that a deal has been agreed for the purchase of the club.

"This has taken a substantial period of time and a lot of work on all sides.

"I am confident that the buyer has the best interests of the club at heart and will begin a new and exciting time for the club.

"I regret I have not been able to provide more regular updates, but these matters must take their course and are governed by various interim agreements.

"As always, I wish Yeovil Town Football Club all the best for the times ahead.

"I hope to be able to provide further details tomorrow."

Priestnall, who took over Yeovil Town in 2019, has been trying to sell the club and has not revealed who a deal has been reached with.

He had agreed a deal with the SU Glovers group, but this fell through when director Matt Uggla pulled out of the deal earlier this month following their relegation from the fifth tier.

Reacting to the announcement, Roger Pipe, the chairman of the Glovers' Trust, said: "The timing is incredible, isn't it, really? It's done to try and scupper our meeting tonight but it won't.

"Of course, the devil is in the detail. Who's bought it, what are they buying, are they buying the ground, are they buying the club, are they buying the land? So, all of that we need to know and it will be good to get those details.

"There are serious questions for the current chairman to answer and the meeting tonight will gather those questions and present them to the club."