Cornwall man breaks world record for longest ever backflip on a dirt bike

  • Watch the moment free-rider Tom Isted smashed the world record for the longest backflip on a dirt bike.

A free-rider from Liskeard, Cornwall has broken the world record for the longest backflip on a dirt bike.

Tom Isted completed the 120-foot jump at Darkfest, a freeride mountain biking competition in South Africa.

He also broke the world record for the longest-ever dirt-to-dirt jump on a mountain bike.

He completed a 90-foot flip last year and then flipped 110 feet this year before the 120-foot jump that set the world record.

He said it's not something you can do without experience: "I've got 20 years of experience of doing jumps, it's not just going straight into a 120ft jump, it's definitely scary though".

Tom is already preparing to head off for another competition after his impressive world record

Tom wears full protective gear including knee pads, shin guards, ankle braces, a full-face helmet and a chest and back protector.

He told ITV News West Country: "It's a dangerous sport, if you take all the danger out of it, it kind of becomes a bit boring and that's part of the fun".

Tom has had numerous injuries doing the sport: "I've broken both my feet multiple times, broken my ankles, broken my collar bone, and broken my back".

But that hasn't put him off, he continues his tour of the world series tomorrow: "I fly to Australia tomorrow for a Crankworx event which is the highest level in my sport.

"I'm there for a week competing then I'll come back and have another one a month after that."