The ultramarathon where runners need to avoid getting stranded

  • Founder Wez Swain says it's the best way to explore the islands

A new ultramarathon which involves running the entire coast path around all the Isles of Scilly is preparing to test the debut runners.

The Scilly 60 will have participants running 60km around the coast of all five inhabited islands – Tresco, Bryher, St Martins, St Mary’s and St Agnes.

The challenge lies in running fast enough to make the checkpoint on each island to catch the transfer ferry. Those who don't make it will be disqualified.

The founder of the new competition, Wez Swain, says it's a "spectacular" way to visit each island.

"Every island is so different and to be able to get all of that in a day is just a fantastic opportunity.

"I just think for those people who have never been here before and to suddenly come and have these beautiful views just suddenly crop up as they get to the top of a hill. I really hope that they you know, they come away with this spectacular image of Scilly that I've got myself."

A second boat will collect runners who have not made the cut-offs or pulled out, returning them to the finishing line at Tresco. Credit: Scilly60

There will be 74 runners giving the inaugural Scilly60 a go. Wez Swain says they will need to be self-sufficient on the route.

"If they like jam sandwiches, they can bring them. If they like pasties, they can bring them, but it's up to them to look after themselves. The only thing that I will do to support them is fill up water bottles."