More than 12,000 runners take part in the Great Bristol Run

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More than 12,000 runners took part in the run

More than 12,000 runners have completed the Great Bristol Run today (14 May) - the largest competitive road race in the West Country.

While elite runners finished soon after the hour mark, for many it was just about completing the challenge.

This was the 34th time the event has been held - and the third since a 2020 Covid cancellation.

One of the runners was Rachel Whitfield, from Bristol, who was told she might never run again after suffering from Long Covid.

"I just wanted to bring hope that just because you're ill, that's a period of time. That's a phase that it's possible to get better," she said.

Rachel is running after recovering from Long Covid

Many of the runners were racing for good causes, with some dressed in full firefighting kit, a banana costume and even dressed as ovaries.

Linda Taylor is running all six Great Run races this year to raise money for research into pancreatic cancer.

"These events can be quite emotional as you go around," she said.

"You see certain things or certain signs about certain charities and it makes you take a step back and you think 'oh.' But they are also great fun."

The men's race was won by London maths teacher Alex Milne in a time of 1:08:55. He was using the 13-mile run as a training exercise for an endurance challenge.

The women's race was won by Charlie Arnell, a nurse from Oxfordshire. Her time was 1:17:00.

Charlie Arnell won the women's race

"I'm really pleased. I did this five years ago and came second. Coming back after injury and winning it, that was what I wanted."

Organisers say they were glad to be back in Bristol. Paul Foster, Chief Executive of the Great Run Company told ITV News: "It's a lonely thing when you're training, but when you come together in a crowd like this with a shared goal of running a tank or running a half marathon, it really brings people together and celebrates what's great about this City.

"What's great about a community and what's great about running."