Amazing moment kayaker followed by pod of dolphins caught on camera in Devon

  • Watch Henry Kirkwood's footage of dolphins at Berry Head in Brixham

A pod of dolphins has been spotted by a student on a river in South Devon.

Henry Kirkwood and his dad who is known as 'The Lone Kayaker' spotted the aquatic mammals at Berry Head in Brixham.

Henry stayed on dry land while his dad took to the waters to kayak among the dolphins.

Henry recently quit his job in building surveying to pursue his passion for wildlife filmmaking and hopes that one day be a part of wildlife programmes such as Planet Earth.

The dolphins aren't a rare sight at Berry Head, but they are often too far out to be captured on camera Credit: Henry Kirwood

He said: "I'm trying to break into the wildlife filmmaking industry, all be it I have no qualifications or anything like that.

"I went out with my dad to Berry Head he was in the kayak and I was walking along the cliff.

"Dolphins aren't a rare sight there, most times I go I see them, but this was the first time they were somewhere where I could capture them with my cameras, this is the first time in almost a year that I've seen them close to the shore."

Last year Dr Emma Sheehan spotted a pod of more than 50 dolphins between Devon and Lundy Island.

Despite capturing the dolphins in Brixham, Henry say his real excitement comes from filming Peregrine Falcons.

The fastest birds in the world are his favourite animal.

Their nests have been monitored around the region.